So, you might be wondering who I am.



I live in Malaysia, and my name’s Ashvina. I’m 24. I am a Speech and Drama facilitator and a lamb in sheep’s clothing.

I mean… Oh. I *did* mean that.

I just came up with that. Wahey!

  • My life can be defined by a David Eddings book.
  • I am a soprano. I like pumpkin. I also love Stephen Fry and Freddie Mercury. I have a bipolar dog named Tessa. And a mad hatter family.
  • I am an INFP. If that means anything to you…
  • I believe in the power of footrubs. I have played very few computer games in my life. One of them was OpenHeart. And Zelda. And EarthWorm Jim. And on the PS2, I can play Harry Potter *blushes*.
  • I have recently tried Modern Warfare 2 World at War and the Zombies version. Left 4 Dead 2, also. I can only play those for about an hour before burning out.
  • I like Zooey Deschanel. I like Micheal Cera. Pretty obvious combination.
  • I like Grease. I like Robin Williams. Very much.
  • Very much. He makes more sense to me than Brad Pitt ever did.
  • I think Emma Thompson was me in her past life. (Time is relative, dagnabbit!)
  • I secretly *cue irony chimes* want to write a book of poems in Malay.
  • I dislike liver. I want to live in the hills.

    I have an okay midichlorian count.

    Do you?


    5 thoughts on “About

    1. heeeeheeee… I’m part of that “mad- hatter” family ๐Ÿ˜› anyway.. I, after a loooong time have finally found the perfect theme for my bloggie… with some changes of my own.. but yea ๐Ÿ™‚

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