Text less, write more

Text less, write more. I grew up without the Internet. I suppose I had an email address, but I was happy ignoring that bit for the most part. Enid Blyton, secret gardens, climbing cherry trees, building forts. The girl I was wouldn’t recognise the girl (ahem, woman?) I am today. I had actual penpals. I’m always scribbling, but am I sending people mail? Not as much as I would like to. I might start with postcards.

Also, when you’re a child, your friends and family look at you with hope, and say, “Oh, golly, you’re going to be such an interesting adult!” But when we’re adulting our lives away, we don’t say it to each other. Our parents and friends are older, and quieter. So bear with my escapism, I feel like I’m perpetually on the Faraway Tree in my imagination – you are on an adventure. You are on your way to magical places, yes you are.

Let’s just appreciate the simplicity, then, of these Kikki.K cards:

Remember. Magical places.


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