Kontrast, Lemons, Sendak!

LemonSendak_ - 1 (1)

Contrast. Blue, teal, yellow, white. This shoot started out as me wanting to capture the gorgeous Kikki.K Kontrast 10-piece Inspiration Kit. Its simplicity calmed me, and I didn’t think I liked teal with dark blue until I spent a little time with these carefully thought-out cards.

LemonSendak_ - 1 (2)

The Nutshell Library was said to be a childhood favourite of Princess Diana’s. Author Maurice Sendak is only one of the most celebrated children’s book authors and illustrators of modern times. You may be familiar with Where the Wild Things Are.

LemonSendak_ - 5  LemonSendak_ - 4

But these are little books that fit into the palm of your hand. Pierre, Alligators All Around, Chicken Soup with Rice and One Was Johnny – all delightful and curious. I picked these up in The Strand, back in 2012, along with Shel Silverstein’s the Giving Tree. Have you read that?

LemonSendak_ - 3

Did I think I would be using tiny books as a feature in my shots? No. Did I imagine that the lemons on my kitchen counter would play along, or the starfruit (carambola)? No. This just came together from an exhausted mind after work. Funny how that’s when you need to express your imagination the most.

LemonSendak_ - 2

Kikki.K makes beautiful things, the kind of things that let you imagine where they’d fit into your life. It isn’t remote, it isn’t too complicated, it’s only sometimes too pretty to use… but I digress. I am excited to share this with you because I know how I feel when I step into a Kikki.K store – full of possibility and wonder. And I hope you get to feel that way, too.


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