Art I Obviously Found on Etsy

I have a few art pieces here for you that you can actually purchase if you like. Some are rather inexpensive. Etsy puts me in these imaginary redecorating moods, you know what I mean? Tell me what you think. I’ll tell you what I think now, then ^_^

I suppose this has absolutely nothing to do with my Catwoman obsession. Warm painting, cold eyes? I can’t quite decide. Print from The Black Apple, who ships from Portland, Oregon.

In Justice League : Doom, the Flash had to run into an iceberg to detonate a bomb on his wrist, and he got quippy about it with Bats. We all know how fun it is when anyone gets quippy with Batman. Looking at icebergs make me reflective, and a little sad. I think of ice shelves melting, breaking off due to global warming. And sinking ships. But more importantly, I love the misty, nebulaic view of this iceberg. Almost friendly, but mildly morose as well. Like a cream-coloured Eeyore. This gorgeous print is from Jeremy Miranda who ships from Dover, New Hampshire.

Claire Elsaesser seems to be making quite a wave on Pinterest with her portraits. Figures, oft alone but sometimes paired, faces obscured, but so strongly coloured with feels that you just sense her genius. I feel very cloudy and grey, and just short of despairing when I look at her work. This here is an abstract that does just the same. Don’t think I’ve ever found an artist whose work I could imagine rotating throughout a house. There’s a bubbling sense of starkness, but a glimmer of reaching out. Just enough to make it unobtrusive – and I’d say this about her figure work as well. I know the colours in this piece are on trend at the moment, but it’s Scandinavian enough in its sensibilities for me to say this will stand the test of time. Both the original and the print are available from Claire who ships from Inverness, California.

à bientôt

xx ash

Disclaimer: These images are from each Etsy page that I’ve mentioned and linked within the text above. 


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