Audioweaving Is A Thing

You know me. I’m always in the mood for some rather meta ‘Eternal Sunshine’ paint-me-a-picture-of-your-soul visualisations. Dirk Petzold of We and the Colour shows us these pieces by Slovenian designers Just and Koncan – of individuals’ brainwaves when listening to a song for the first time.

Check the rest of these gorgeous works of art out here.

The two Slovenian designers Črtomir Just and Matej Koncan teamed up with BlackBox to create this series of posters for Braindance (Ples možganov), a neuro-art project dedicated to bridge the gap between science and art. Goal of the project was to visualize the differences in people’s response to music they heard for the first time. The brainwaves of 20 volunteers were measured while listening to a musical piece made especially for this occasion by kleemar. [via We and the Colour]

Each subject had a different colour pallete, so make sure you see the rest. Take care, now.


Disclaimer: These images are from We and the Colour‘s post and I’m so grateful to be inspired by their good taste. The original images are from the artists mentioned above. If you’re into art and design, I’m pretty darned sure you won’t regret subbing to WatC – and following the artists on Behance. 


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