Klingon Death Ritual

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NB: B.J. Felix Malmenbeck has helped me fix my Klingon phrasing to
Daqmey’e’ lengpu’bogh pagh tlhIngan DIleng ‘ej majaq.
[We journey to places that no Klingon has journeyed to and we are bold.]

Boldly Go

I didn’t really know Michael Ansara‘s work very well, but I do know he played a Klingon commander named Kang. But by all accounts, this was a life well lived. 

Here’s a customisable doodle and some thingies I threw together. #trektastic

This very cool video by by the very cool MrSteveRiker was a neat way to honour the man.

According to Klingon tradition via Memory Beta, this is what the Klingon Death Ritual is about:

“When a Klingon warrior was dying, his or her comrades would hold the eyes open while looking into his or her eyes. Once the Klingon in question had died, the other Klingons would raise their heads and howl for several seconds. This howl was a warning to the dead, that a Klingon warrior was arriving. Afterwards, the body was considered to be only an empty shell, and was unceremoniously disposed of following the ritual.”

Demonstrated here in Technicolor here on TNG:

A great warrior has gone to his rest.

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