So this Powerball business is a big deal today. And I started off having NO clue what it was. Bliss. But of course, my imagination got the better of me. And I had to make you a .png. Just for fun.

I thought of:


Then, of course, I found out it was only the lottery and went : “meh”

Mostly because tonight, (I watch reruns of old series) nothing can beat the epic watching of the series finale of Smallville where CLARK FINALLY BECOMES SUPERMAN.

When I told my sister that Clark finally becomes Superman at the end of Smallville, she got really pissed off because apparently it was a #spoiler. As though we ALL do not already know that’s what happens to Clark Kent. #sistersareimpossible
Well. I guess I know that it could have gone off canon. Like how Chloe got an awesome Watchtower-y role.

Bonus: Michael freaking-genius Rosenbaum has his little world-reset Lex appearance. Do w00t or what?! Also. Yes. He should defo play Lex in the next film. 


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