Rhubarb : The Funniestly Spelled Vegefruit


This gorgeous picture was taken by the Herriot Grace team of michael graydon + nikole herriott. In Malaysia I have never ever seen frozen rhubarb, much less fresh stalks of it.

To make up for it, here are four colours I extracted from the above picture, exported neatly into a hex code square thing, I’ll call it The Rhubarb Hexquad!

rhubarb-01Read about how rhubarb came back into fashion, courtesy of Marks and Sparks (where I got my Seville Orange Marmalade).

I also love the University of Florida for their vintage clip art collection – so I decided to make a quad with their magnificent stock of rhubarb shots (in .tiff format, no less).

GD - Rhubarb-01I’m sure you understand why anyone would be obsessed with rhubarb.

Some varieties are medicinal, some are from Chile.
It’s jewel-like, fragrant and you have to cook it to smithereens before you eat it.
A natural charmer, if you think about it.

Here are three things rhubarb you should peek at :



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