Ned Stark + Lingua

(via ShineMySneaks)

Dubbed videos make me either cringe or laugh wildly. Bless Lord Eddard.
Sean Bean was legen-Boromir-dary in the Fellowship, but with his charming Northern speak and bloomin’ honour, he Starked his way further into my good graces. Well, yes, I’ve watched all three seasons and no, I’m not spoiling it for you today unlike the ENTIRE INTERNET who has been chucking the Red Wedding at us for days (before I managed to watch it, mind you).

Speaking of dubbing, here’s an infographic (via that’s insightful. I wonder if they took into account that Mandarin is not built like other languages and each word combines with others to form…contextual meaning? (I’m not so sure how to explain this but I know it’s not built the same way as European languages.)

The Speed of LanguageVisually, I find the colour palette a little droll – the layout is a little messy, the kerning/font choices similarly messy. (Not all infographics are created equal) But the content got me thinking. Click on the image to go to the source.

Let me wander off on a wee self-absorbed tangent. I speak a dialect or two of Malay (a Polynesian language). A wee bit of Tamil and Malayalam (from the Indian subcontinent). A spattering of Hokkien and Cantonese, bits of Mandarin (Chinese dialects), and I can manage very, very simple Spanish, French – enough to inform you that I barely understand you, order things in a restaurant, greet you, and apologise. Don’t think I can ask for directions, though.

I wonder if I have any friends that speak a surprising language not native to them. Like Esperanto. Or Basque!



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