To Pin is Human

GD Collage

So I have joined the ranks of people who are too busy to write proper posts, and so choose to curate from Pinterest. Kindly forgive my relative absence of late. A combination of a humungous painting collection I’ve been attending to at the gallery and a family hospital encounter that lasted the better part of a week has led to this depraved behaviour on my part.

I shall not apologise. I shall plunge on.
As have many necklines before me.
Click on the individual pictures for the Pinteresty pins.

GD - batman

Stunning isn’t it, when a DC man graces a Vogue cover?
Not sure if this is real – but oh! What if it were!?
All that black pleather is worthy of so much…chafing on the part of the wearer.
Speaking of DC men, HAVE you seen the Man of Steel? Ludicrously chiseled.

GD - green leaves

Above, a loving, tumbling ministration of leaves, which I would willingly recreate if you gave me a green Faber Castell magic pen. Useful skill to have on your side when the world bores you and you have no immediate work to do (read: every 67 minutes)

GD - Cate

Besides having the infinite honour of playing the Lady of Lórien (Galadriel of the Lord of the Rings, for my less erudite readers who actually have lives), and being generally and unbearably beautiful, Cate Blanchett can also do “look ma, no feet”. I have an entire pinboard just for Cate. Because transmogrifying into her when I’m 35 is on my bucket list.
Yes, I would lose my Indian hips for her. Tell me of any woman or delightfully gay man who wouldn’t.GD - SurfWhy swimsuits like these aren’t cheap and plentiful is beyond me.
While I would never recommend dating a man who is more attached to a surfboard than to human interaction, I think more people should recognise that design like the above is the stuff that brings hazy dreams of voluptuousness to reality.

In other words, the right swimsuit can make those folds and curves look Botticelli, versus, dare I say it, Jabba the Hutt.

Oh come on, stop pouting. I have thighs that are more generously endowed than the unborn child of Will and Kate. (Speaking of which, who’d have thought that the love of my adolescent life would have a hairline that’s receding faster than the Maldives are sinking?)

Why am I so catty tonight? Beats me, darlings.
Go have some pie.



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