Festival Schmestival | AFCC 2013

imageA wistful, charming depiction of a lopsided paper plane that falls just short of epic failing.

Pretty psyched about the Asian Festival of Children’s Content.
If your “demographic” is, has, or will ever be kids and young adults, then this big spangly conference will obscure the sad news that Google Reader is going south.

The AFCC may be for Children’s Content, but it encompasses Young Adult Fiction (Twilight, Narnia, Harry Potter, the Hobbit).

AFCC - logoNow the offering spans a Congress, a Forum, Conferences, and a Media Summit with Seminars and Masterclasses.

More about it here and on the AFCC Facebook page.

There was
a rainy afternoon I spent in KL with book people. And now, gee golly, I’m going to Singapore for the festival! If you’re a writer on an illustrator, there are things at the AFCC I’m curious about on your behalf. I, Flower of Malaya, solemnly swear that I will be up to no good there.

So as y’all know. I’m not new to the blogosphere, but I don’t really think about blogging as a thing. Not until recently.

AFCC - Blogging To Connect

Click on the above schedule to go the live page and the full mega time table. So when I received an invite to attend the Festival, I thought. Time to take glowdown seriously. After all, I post things on here whenever I am inspired, thoughtful, grumpy or excited. It’s the best darned boyfriend I’ve ever had.

AFCC - Overview Writers Illustrators AFCC - Seminars

Am very excited about the writers and illustrators conference.

28 – 29 May 2013
Writers, illustrators, publishers, librarians, literary agents, distributors and retailers, translators, teachers, and other professionals related to children’s content.
Over the course of the two-day conference, writers and illustrators come together with publishers, editors, literary agents, and other industry professionals in celebration of children’s content from Asia and around the world. This year’s conference will have an added emphasis on Young Adult literature and children’s works in translation.

Even more so about the media summit!

29 May 2013 (Wednesday)
Producers, television/film executives, commissioning editors, comic artists, screenwriters, authors, publishers, app developers, animators, filmmakers and content creators.
The AFCC Media Summit gathers content creators and media professionals from around the world for a one-day conference focusing on Asian children’s media content, a forum for sharing ideas and knowledge, skills training and development, and networking. The Summit will focus on maximising content through transmedia storytelling.

So I’m gonna attempt to attend a bunch of Masterclasses and Seminars about:

  • Young Adult Fiction (POTTERHEADS OHAI)
  • Blogging to Connect (y’all come on over for some iced tea, now)
  • Translating (the world wants to hear our cerita and our dongeng)
  • Thinking like a poet to solve things (gee, noone told me I was right all along)

Naomi Kajima author of Singing Shijimi Clams (how darling!), and Anushka Shankar author of Moin the Monster Songster are doing the keynote!

AFCC - Linda Lingard

Was chuffed to find that our very own (quiet genius) Yusof Gajah and (rather foxy) Linda Lingard of the Yusof Gajah Lingard Literary Agency are handling sections of the conference.

And… there’s a whole Malaysian Night thing going on. Could be fun.

AFCC - Yusof Gajah

Linda “will talk about ways you can market your book and sell the rights to your books internationally. She will provide resources that you can tap into and give insider views from her experience in the book industry including basic contractual agreements and what publishers look for.”

Screen Shot 2013-04-24 at 3.51.31 PMAbove is a 2008 work by Yusof Gajah for the 10th Scandinavian Business Christmas Dinner.

Yusof Gajah will be part of a panel of authors and illustrators, where “illustrators are invited to submit six illustrations from an unpublished project to be reviewed by a panel of international publishing experts before an audience.”

Liyana Othman of Liyana Land and Steph Su of Steph Su Reads are doing the blogger bits. They’re really cool (Singaporean, hehe) smart women. We all needs moar of that.
Click the below images for these fellas’ websites.

AFCC - Liyana Othman

AFCC - Steph Su

Here’s the full line up, the writers and illustrators conference programme, and tickets!
I want to go to there. You?


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