Paper Planes | AFCC 2013

AFCC - logo

If your “demographic” is, has, or will ever be kids and young adults, then the Asian Festival of Children’s Content is importanter than Google Reader going south.
25-30 May at the National Library Building in Singapore.
More about it here and on the AFCC Facebook page.

The AFCC may be for Children’s Content, but it encompasses Young Adult Fiction (Twilight, Narnia, Harry Potter, the Hobbit).

There is this mega media summit that I really wanna go scout out.
It’s for producers, television/film executives, commissioning editors, comic artists, screenwriters, authors, publishers, app developers, animators, filmmakers and content creators.

Conferences – Media Summit
29 May 2013 (Wednesday)
The AFCC Media Summit gathers content creators and media professionals from around the world for a one-day conference focusing on Asian children’s media content, a forum for sharing ideas and knowledge, skills training and development, and networking. The Summit will focus on maximising content through transmedia storytelling.

There is a whole section on turning prose into animation.
And that’s just the tip o’the iceberg.

AFCC - Animation

There is much to say about writing, and even more to say about being able to bring it to life. The industry faces its own challenges, some puzzling. If you’re an animator, or even a studio that builds games, like some cool people I know in Sentral, E1 Studio (ohai brats), I’m thinking this this turning prose into animation Masterclass is a good one.

I leave you with two of my favourite animated pieces.
One by the dude behind the Iron Giant.

And one that just won Disney a bunchload of awards. Deservedly.

And if you’re not an animator, like me, go see why I’m going to the Festival.


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