All Your Book Are Belong To Us #AFCC2013

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Last Friday, I had the lovely rainy-afternoon honour of attending a press conference organised by Kota Buku for AFCC 2013.

At the KL Library, no less. Next to Selangor Club. Always a fun area on a Friday afternoon 😉

Instagrammed and tweeted my way through it, as is now common among ‘kids thesedays’.


The Asian Festival of Children’s Content, Singapore, 25th to 30th May this year. The above’s just the Writer/Illustrator bit.
I’m going. Because as most sane people do, I love children’s books. 

I go to the Hundred Acre Wood every time the moon sighs, and I spend golden afternoons in a world of my own.

When I was at the Strand in NYC last year, I pretty much ignored all the adult books and started hunting for Shel Silverstein’s The Giving Tree, and a host of other books that I’ll go into spizzies and featherums about later this week.


Can you spot my epic Ray-Bans? And my Chez Pim book of destiny : The Foodie Handbook?


Kota Buku managed things nicely, and as mentioned, one instagrammed and tweeted one’s way through it.
Typic Pro ftw. Go see more at #afcc2013.

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Kota Buku‘s snazzy branding with chilli red. Check out their website to see more of said chilli red. Prominently featured. Easy to navigate. Refreshing. Red.

Malaysia’s the featured nation this year. It was the Phillipines, last year. A neat delegation is going to Singapore for this, via Kota Buku. Nice little Causeway exchange.


Mr Ramachandran directs the Book Council of Singapore. I like the idea that the conference could be like the Bologna of Asia.

Reminds me a little of good old Hereford. The Shire. England. Where I spent many a summer. Nearby, Hay-on-Wye has a huge arts and literature fair.
Stuff of dreams.

I actually do want to explain more about how I got involved with all this. It will unfold in time.

I leave you with a secret. Her name is Hsu Lynn Pang. And she is magic.


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