Cavalli Spring 2013

Hello darlings. I’m home. And I don’t have the heart to go over the images of my Epic Journey (just yet). So let’s bury ourselves in the flowingly fragrant, sheer loveliness that is Cavalli, shall we? This man understands lusciousness, does he not? He (and his designers) have an instinct for the sweet spots on a figure. He draws the eye to the core of you by focusing or obscuring certain, specific areas. It’s almost too much – but it isn’t. I’m not usually a fan of crazy prints all over the place. But he’s Italian, and he knows how to class it up – lugubriously. I’ve tumbled about the web and found some images – collaged them by what made sense. Let’s have a gander:

Drop waists are enticing. They are lanky and androgynous, and force you to look at the décolletage and jawline.  And with the right fabric weighing it down *just* so, V necks are terribly, terribly flattering. See the slit on #4? The exact point at where it begins is magical. Any lower and it’d look awkward, any higher would be inapproporiate (not that I’m a prude…). The expert angling and flowing of the patterned fabric, and the several different textures, layered – in the hands of an amateur would look botched. It’s incredible what an eye for balance can achieve.

Could you imagine a more curvaceous woman wearing the above dresses?
I could. And they’d look so very different on her, BUT they’d work. It’s those sweet spots, the way they draw the eye and break up the body. And the very expensive fabric that falls so beautifully, of course.

With lace, the tendency is to wear it frumpily, whether or not you’re a waif. The expertly managed shoulder straps on #1,2,3 – the width and placement – make it work with the lack of waist. I don’t think the designers were reaching too hard for the flapper/1920s look – but even in retaining those classy lines, and the length – it’s still really fresh, isn’t it?

An Obvious Note : Off the runway – you’d do #3 without the trousers – and with #4 you’d use either the top or the bottom but never together.I could not love these more if you gave them to me for free. This green just sings. It is lyrical, not blasting nubility – subtle – and flattering on any skin tone, I think. The soft peach, hovering into the zone of taupe – lifts the coolness of the green without any starkness. You think of delicate sunshine. So season appropriate, and a gentle shadow of the  richly pigmented and dreamily muted turqoises and corals of last summer.

And the sweet spots on the thigh, the angle on the split almost geometric, thus lending it a newness, a boldness. Look at the ao dai, what women wear in Vietnam – terribly flattering because it’s flowy and has waist high slits. Reminiscent.

With #2 and #3, you have more of the defined shoulder in the jacket that we’ve seen this year. It’s the collar and neckline that sets RC apart. With #2 I love the pairing of the denser jacket with the more ephemeral skirt – it would look disjointed if the jacket were any shorter, of the waist any higher.

What do you think of the blue accents? I’m not the hugest fan – but if it had to be blue, I’m glad it was this one.

Have you watched Moonrise Kingdom yet? I can’t get enough of talking about it.

Happy Sunday, campers.



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