Wednesday Wound-Up

This stunning image is brought to you by Dr Ali Shamsul Bahar of 500px. Infrared. In a National Park in Java. 

So hello kitts and goblins, I’m listening to this relaxing, rolling, guitar-laced sleepy tune. The gentle cymbal hissing puts you in peace.

And another sound-bite – do you not think that any child of James Taylor and Carly Simon would sound this heavenly? What with the original being so different.

And now for some more imagery:

If you’re in London, check out Dave White’s Natural Selection.

He uses acryclics here. Have never seen anything like it. His mastery of colour and motion baffles me. He’s done several animals (I think you’ll like his elephant) – but I chose the tiger because it feels like home. And is my Chinese Year of Birth. /grin

And now, Fonts In Use – an enchanting listing of fonts, “a public archive of typographic design indexed by typeface, format, and industry. [They] document and examine real-world typography with the goal of improving typographic literacy and appreciation.” You can become a user and submit your own observed typefaces, or ones your own company uses. A minimalist website with a clear, fresh focus. I’ve put a slice of it here for you to imagine. Well, click through!
Do you see, on the left, the foxxy Film Map by We Are Dorothy that was making its rounds also this week?

Gennine, arguably my favourite artist, has the loveliest dog named Turbo. Click on the picture for a photo post of some enchanting plants she lives around.

And finally, my stars and satellites, mid-summer is truly happening in the Northern Hemisphere. I’m part of it, by virtue of being something like 3 degrees above the equator. Bea and Aran both have stunning blogposts about the fruits, luscious, juicy and jewel-toned. What’s a girl to do? Have a mango or two, I’m sure.

Have a good mid-week. Put some grass in a glass and set it on your table – breathe the imaginary oxygen in!


Listen here, larks. These here Wednesday Wound-ups are inspired by my RSS subscriptions. I own none of the above stuff. I have accredited all, as far as I can in the short time that I allow myself the pleasure of writing these posts. Today’s post is particularly egged on by swissmiss + My Modern Met.
love, glowdown


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