Bonne Février!

My erudite ones, hello.

It has been a long, cold winter here on the equator (wink) and by that I mean, we’ve all flustered and blustered through the festivities. Unless you are that lady who married Prince William : nary a hair out of place.

2012 is here to stay, I’m afraid. And the world spins madly on.


Did you like that? Thought you might. If it sounds familiar, you may remember watching the blissfully wondrous short video Thought of You by animator Ryan Woodward. Look at the process here, it’s a really charming look behind-the-scenes. Work is life is art is life is work.

Now, the design blog world has been abuzz with these folks, but let me introduce you to a team called Dottir and Sonur.

They’re based in Berlin, Germany, where I’m led to believe, many good things are made, including sausages. To me, Dottir & Sonur are strong in their simplicity. Very graphic, very clean. My favourite thing about them is their sense of colour.

Did I mention they’re married? With two kids? Icing on the cake, if you like happily-ever-afters. Click on the image to visit their site.

Boom! What a brilliantly designed page. What joy, what vivacity. What movement! Sorry. I know I sound like a buffoon, but I’m a big fan of Vimeo, a high-quality, HD video sharing site (think YouTube). They introduced me to my visual source of comfort and muse, Tiger in a Jar. They are now open for submissions for this year’s festival. The prize is big. Click on the picture above for the festival page, and here for a video about it if you have more than a minute.

January, you coy thing, goodbye. You were the month of Republican Caucuses, where very odd men battled to go up against Mr. Obama this November. You were the month of the Golden Globes. You were the month of Etta James. You were the month of SOPA and PIPA.

That last one, now. Freedom of Information. It’s a messy thing, but it’s something you and I need to look into. The buzz is now about legislation, and we may not think too much of it because we’re not in the US, we’re not lawmakers, we’re not webhosts, content producers or reproducers…wait. We are. In our own ways. Someday, it may affect us directly.

So be not afraid, but think about this.

In the spirit of sharing media, I leave you with something I learnt from a very smart woman from the South. I’m sure it leaves you no doubts as to my love for warm light and simplicity.

It’s from my desktop to yours – right click the image below and ‘Save As’. I hope it looks good on your screens.



Buzz me if you’re curious about the fonts I use.

Also, if you like your calendars ON your desktop, Gennine and Christiane have designed desktop backgrounds – real beauties.

Be well, all.



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