Wishin’ You Is Smart

The seasons come and go, perhaps not here just north of the equator – but there is a rhythm.
This New Year was the first time I actually could perceive that January was the beginning of a cycle, all over again. Took me 25 years to understand that there is a rhythm. I just don’t get time, sometimes (Thank You God of Irony). The only evidence you sometimes have of years gone by, are limbs that are just beginning to strain, skin just beginning to drop – and an intensity that’s waned, in a good way, maybe.

Thank goodness there’s rhythm. No wonder I felt lost before.

Now is the season for a Christmas/New Year’s just passed. A time to pick up your shoes, dust them off, and find the trail again. And tell yourself it’s alright if you’ve lost the trail. But oh, the things you when you lose the trail. If only we had the presence to always love ourselves no matter how off the chart we go.
Rhythm and planning are two separate things. You can plan, and nothing needs to work out, but understanding ebbs and flows, and letting go. That’s being free. I need to keep me finger on that page. Seems like a lesson I forget often (paradox!).

Tonight, I watched a movie, called The Help. Aren’t these ladies up here beautiful? (Photo Credit : Vanity Fair). It helped me understand dignity. The richest people, most priviledged, the most seemingly-confident people, the ones who look like they’re on top of the world – they can have everything, but still not have a deep sense of worth. What’s the use of giving humanity a zillion things if you’re not present, if you can’t open yourself to all the positive stuff? Angry geniuses are easy to put on a pedestal, because being hardcore, uncompromising and disciplined has its merits. Don’t you ever feel like you’ve lived your life all this while, for something undefinable? Well, this movie is about how life can plod on for ages and then suddenly, just because of a choice somebody made, it  picks up and puts the colour in your cheeks. Don’t watch the trailer, it cheapens the value and pacing of the film.
Read the Vanity Fair snippet.

And if that don’t gone get you (the movie is set in the 60s in Missisippi): Viola Davis won best actress, and  Octavia Spencer won best supporting actress at this year’s Critic’s Choice Awards (male counterparts : George Clooney, Christopher Plummer). (Last year, all four Critics’ Choice acting winners went on to nab Oscars in their respective categories.) Read more  here.

So go watch, and tell me what you feel about it. I was so drawn in by everything I wish I had.

Time to stop wishing.


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