Jillian, Andy and Don

This is a sketch for a job that got killed. No, darling, I don’t draw like this at all, but if a sketch of mine that looked like Jillian‘s here got killed, I’d be mighty cranky about it. What I love about her style is her quiet angularity, and her skill with line thickness. Not to mention that incredible imagination and her use of size and perspective. Can you tell that I really love her work?

I’m trying to remember the name of the muralist who has a vaguely similar style on the wall outside the theatre, Black Box in MAPkl. Oh, well.

Andy Kehoe

In my quest for Gelaskins, I found Andy‘s work, and thought of how deep  and subtle his relationship with the colour yellow is. I deeply reccomend you spend some time gazing at his site, dear readerkin. He reminds me of the Danish Master of Post-It Monsters, Don Kenn. Don’s work relies more on lines for texture, and he uses faces to show/hide what he’s getting at (all done on a Post-It, mind you)… But, see for yourself.

John Kenn
Don Kenn is the man

Isn’t this spine-chillingly beautiful? Not unlike Colin Firth. Oh fiddlesticks, my hormones are sapping up again.

On that note, Happy Monday. Save some pineapple jam for me.


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