when darkness falls, your heart will be true

Hallo, Happy Wednesday.

Things of interest :

Have you noticed the interesting increase in seismic activity? Apparently due to Elenin, a comet passing several hundreds of millions of miles from the Blue Planet we call home. Many conspiracy theorists are jumping on it. My mother finds it interesting to track the path of these happenings, and is keeping her inner doomsayer occupied. Bless.

The above image is courtesy of Wikimedia Commons (click through).
Does it conjure up memories of Japan for you?

A fear of the unknown. The ocean scares me, I’m a hill and mountain girl myself.

I stumbled upon the above via Joanna Goddard, who pointed us to the entire gallery of this work by Tricia Fountain Design (click through picture). This was a wedding shoot, if you can believe it!

The attention to detail, the colour palatte, the materials and the dedication to character really engulfs you when you look at it. I strongly urge that you check the rest of these breathtaking images out. So beautiful.

This has nothing to do with my recent hankering for the Lord of the Rings, or the fact that I recorded Enya’s May It Be in SATB a capella for ‘kat, last night. Click through for the scribd page.

I worked it out with a piano keyboard app on the iPad, and edited on the PC with Audacity. The composition is LOVELY. Am pretty sure this video used that sheet music, too.


More soon. Get through the mid-week slump!





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