Grateful for Across the Universe

Click on the image to the amazing Klari Reis' blog.


I am grateful for our National Football Team and Mr RG, for taking it with grace.

I am grateful for my father, Naidu, and his impeccable taste in watches – and for his inexhaustible ability to delegate peripheral tasks to his female relatives, this writer included.

I am grateful for my mother, Gerry, and her ridiculous, yet impressive ability to watch NCIS on the TV and write interesting proposals on the laptop at the same time. Although the intricacies of her technique will forever elude me, I am also grateful that her multitasking abilities have been passed, by osmosis, through a space time continuum to me.

I am grateful for my siblings. Most of the time.

Am recently grateful for brother Avinash’s unexpectedly resonant reading voice. He is strong, clear, with good diction (save some soft Ds) and wonderful rhythm and intonation.

I am grateful for our ingenuous help, Yuli, who stoically braved cucumber and mango to make a great salad tonight.

I am grateful for Helvetica, my new iPad2, who has very quietly allowed me to watch Thandie Newton’s TED talk yesterday. I saw her in myself, and myself in her, and all was well with the world.

I am grateful for gratefulness, the colour of which has yet to be determined, much like the fate of the world as we know it.



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