Young and Gooseberries

June day scans from Ellis Hollow. The choice of foliage is breathtaking, vast yet kept simple.

This form of imaging is done by scanning blooms and things, covered by a dark cloth. The effect is haunting, yet inviting.

Isn’t this video lovely? It won’t embed, for some reason. It’s an animation from Young (read more below).

I could watch it again and again.

Young is a Manchester-based creative agency set up by founding partners Geth and Pete in June 2009.  We are adept in brand identity development, print, motion, illustration and interactive design. 

We have helped various local, national and international clients evolve their brand – whether they be a start-up in need of an identity or a well-established brand looking to re-engage with its audience.

Young is playful, energetic and inquisitive – approaching new projects and clients with an open mind. We have kept our agency deliberately small, allowing flexibility for us to collaborate with various highly talented creatives on the right project.

I find it oddly calming. Everything has a place, no matter how much it changes.


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