We Are Lightweavers

The people who designed the facebook offices, paypal and ebay. And now AOL.
Look into their faces. I can see myself in them. Can you?
Click on the picture for their website.

Van Gogh thought he was a terrible artist. In his lifetime, he only sold 2 pieces of artwork. He made many copies of Sunflowers because he wanted to keep the original locked up safe.

At any given time, we think we’re rubbish.

That self doubt helps push us to greater heights, I suppose.
But more often than not, it is focus and love for my…our…my own beliefs and ideas that make me pursue them.

So, what I’m trying to say is – there’s always someone somewhere who has a different spin, a different level of expertise on what you’re doing. You can either learn from them and move on, or dwell on how much better they are than you, and let that fact get to the pit of your stomach – and stop you from even trying.

Some people say, don’t reinvent the wheel. I say, reinvent it, paint in pink with yellow polkadots, and share it with the world.

We let 4 year olds try and explore. Who gave you an age limit?

Find someone who loves you, and wants you to keep spinning things out of light.
And if you’re not sure about that, email me.



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