Rocking Socks

So, it seems that Europe plans have been shelved in favour of heading to Melbourne to visit my sisters. I’m thrilled to be applying for a visa online. Not having to go to an immigration office rocks my socks.

Speaking of which, I get to wear socks, and lots of them. The image above was randomly sourced, but don’t you think the solemn palatte of maroon socks and indigo slingbacks are very subtle and really…beautiful? I love the look, maybe paired with a cream polka dotted skirt and a warm red or green jumper.

After all, autumn is the season in May Down Under.

Am thinking of a wardrobe for Melbourne. Cannot wait to mix and style things. Vintage shops!

Have become decidedly simplistic in my dressing in Kuala Lumpur, as I have little to no energy to jazz things up.

Ideas anyone? Catch me on my Pinterest, and tag me with suggestions.

Also, I’m going to mail order books, clothes and handmade items to the girls’ address before I reach. Any ideas there are welcome, too.

I’m thinking about how many of my basic wardrobe will be sourced from papa’s closet. And how he’s coming with me… Oh dear. Does that mean less packing, or more?


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