So I Found Out Charcoal Is SUPER POWERFUL.

Specifically white charcoal, or binchotan.

It be made from hardwood, and originates in a specific part of Japan, the Wakayama Prefecture.

It makes everything purer than a baby’s soul. Yeay.

Water Purification

First, boil the Bincho charcoal and dry it in the sun. Then put it in a kettle or water tank. It absorbs many toxic substances like tri-halo methane and chlorine which are harmful to the human body. At the same time, Bincho charcoal deposits minerals and makes food and drinks very tasty. It is porous and has a wide surface area (About 10,000 sq. yards per 1 oz.) so its absorbtion power is very strong. Moreover, innumerable holes draw in living microorganisms, forming a microbe membrane to further resolve impurities. *The remains of chlorine are reduced to 0.1ppm which also helps to fade the odor.

Indoor Cooking

Putting Bincho charcoal into heated oil makes fried dishes crisp and keeps the oil from going bad for a long time.

Coffee and Teas

Making coffee or tea with water that has been boiled with Bincho charcoal in it creates a smooth tasting drink.

Deodorization and Dehumidifying

Put 1 to 4lbs. of Bincho charcoal into closets, rooms, and cars. It will immediately begin to deodorize and dehumidify.

Fresh Vegetables

Because Bincho charcoal absorbs ethylene gas and ammonia, it helps keep the freshness of vegetables and fruit. Place some Binch charcoal in your vegetable bins to keep them crisp and fresh.

For more curiousness about this particular kind of charred wood, see here and le page Wikipedia.


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