I Only Have Eyes For You

I am surprised that I can see the sky.

I can see the Big Dipper, and the Archer, and even the Northern Cross.

I am surprised I can identify them after so long.

When I looked up, dipping my neck back in eagerness, like I once did as a little girl, I felt like I had friends.

Old friends from a lonely childhood. Like people I used to invite to my own tea-parties.

In my quiet time, I used to look up from my house balcony and peer into star maps, memorising and studying things I knew nobody else really thought was important.

But I pondered existence. Way back when.

It’s profoundly beautiful. You think you could never feel that way again, and cynicism calcifies your bones.

And then, there it is.

I felt like a little girl again.

And now, with my grown-up-girl phone, I shall use Google Sky Maps, to learn more about the stars. My friends.

And the universe.

With love,

Grown-Up Ash


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