My Tongue is Coated by Infidels

I am often disgusted at the cakes they serve here.

I am such a snob, I know. When I go to Secret Recipe, some of the cakes have lovely insides, made with some form of hydrogenated ganache fat stuff. It almost fools me.

The red icing they use to pipe Happy Birthdays onto the cakes? Made of murderous slimy goo

Most frosting  here is made with murderous slimy goo. Most insides of nice things, like eclairs and soggy profiteroles, are made with things masquerading as chantilly cream. Too much cornstarch, makes tongue go clammy.

We baint a dairy country. We be on the equator. May well be better off chucking the idea of dairy altogether and sticking to the piquant, clean aromatic flavours we are good at.



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