If Twilight Hadn’t Nicked It

This pic from NatGeo reminds me of my brother, who is doing his SPM trials thesedays, and does not get to paint anything red. Lawl.

Have you ever had a favourite tune? I have. Clair de Lune is an amazing piece of music by Claude Debussy – has haunted my mind for years and years and I was just a little miffed to find that Twilight *stole* it to try to add credibility to its soundtrack and thus to itself as a merchandise.


Please world. Spare me the pain of losing another beloved piece to some people’s wickedness. I could not bear it.

The video I show you is a colour-accented- timed-note-by-note visual of Clair de Lune.

Watch it and be wide-eyed and overwhelmed. I was, the first time I watched it.

And the sheet music for this piece, which I intend to fully blossom into someday (improbable, not not impossible) is here.

And, Dhanisha, cousin of wonder, age 12, says this:

hello world. are you ready to partay? woot! UPSR is over.

Ah. Right.


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