Heaven Moves In Circles

I perchanced upon this fruit in the UK, two summers ago. I don’t think I’d ever tasted anything more… inspiring. It tasted like love. I won’t qualify that statement, but I felt it true.

Reminiscent of the heady scent of mango and passionfruit, without the invasive over-sweetness. The blushingly puce skin gave way to pale, pale flesh and the nectar ran in little rivulets out of each bite. Peaches were less giving. Of this I was sure.

It is a peach, glorified, and rightly so.

Same species, just went a different way.

Wiki says:

The nectarine is a cultivar group of peach that has a smooth skin. Though fuzzy peaches and nectarines are regarded commercially as different fruits, with nectarines often erroneously believed to be a crossbreed between peaches and plums, or a “peach with a plum skin”, they belong to the same species as peaches. Several genetic studies have concluded in fact that nectarines are created due to a recessive gene, whereas a fuzzy peach skin is dominant.[12] Nectarines have arisen many times from peach trees, often as bud sports.

As with peaches, nectarines can be white or yellow, and clingstone or freestone. On average, nectarines are slightly smaller and sweeter than peaches, but with much overlap.[12] The lack of skin fuzz can make nectarine skins appear more reddish than those of peaches, contributing to the fruit’s plum-like appearance. The lack of down on nectarines’ skin also means their skin is more easily bruised than peaches.

The history of the nectarine is unclear; the first recorded mention in English is from 1616,[13] but they had probably been grown much earlier within the native range of the peach in central and eastern Asia. Nectarines were introduced into the United States by David Fairchild of the Department of Agriculture in 1906.[14]

I haven’t had one in ages… Can’t find any here in Malaysia. They simply can’t travel well.

But I kept the pip from the first one I ever ate. I wonder if I should plant it. In 31 degree heat. Perhaps not.

This is the website for The Third and The Seventh.

What it is, is a slow moving, fantastical blend of quiet observance and leaps of imagination. I reccomend you watch it when you are settled down.

The creator puts it thus:

A FULL-CG animated piece that tries to illustrate architecture art across a photographic point of view where main subjects
are already-built spaces. Sometimes in an abstract way. Sometimes surreal.

Thanks to Joshy from It’s Not the Heat for sharing it with me.

Vimeo couldn’t repost here, but the above Youtube HD doesn’t come close to how amazing this is on Vimeo. Click here for that.


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