Dotty Poke

This was a green tea tofu cake I had with Apols at Poco Homemade. It did not taste like cheesecake. But it was not offensive. Crumbly, moisty, a bit rubbery. Bland. But pleasantly so.

Eet ees in Bangsar, so please do have a look-see. They have the most inspiring surroundings. The furniture looks handmade and the colour palatte is the perfect antithesis to the scalding afternoon sun.

Blog be here, even though it’s in the shot above. Jump ahead, but be warned, it’s mostly in Mandarin. A language that intrigues me. And eludes me. But just looking at the images is pleasant.

The above is an illustration of the owner of Poco, making molten chocolate cakes. I saw them in real life. They looked quaint.

Here they are, found on the owner’s personal blog. She listens to Carla Bruni and Angus & Julia Stone. Ooh. In English. I am punch-pleased. She makes the most wonderful things, out of material from Taiwan and Korea. Her Etsy shop is here.

yum, much?

Much like the ladybug below.

At 18, her instinct for mixing and matching is…just wonderful.

K is for Kani, based in Melbourne.

Found her via Sunny Sideup Closet, a lovely vintage inspired, affordable, friendly blogshop, which supplied me with this lovely thing:

After wearing it about for awhile, I’ve removed the shoulder pads, the sleeves, and am deepening the neckline. Only because I’m a scarce 5’4” and it rather swallows me. No matter how big my hair is.

Thanking Erna for her kind pointing-to SunnySideUp.

And now, to put gingelly oil into the brother’s tresses. *sigh*

The things I do.


One thought on “Dotty Poke

  1. Gingely oil? O.O never heard of it. But continue stories of guinea pigness and homemade fun!

    Also glad you finding vintage love online. ❤

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