So we made a birthday cake out of 5 things : donuts, icecream, nutella, banana and jam. You can wonder what that combination might make up. And how it was tossed together. It was fun eating. No picture don’t mean no love.


I have for you today, this. Something I perchanced upon with Joshua of It’s Not The Heat, It’s The Humidity, while he was shopping at New Balance. Honestly. As generic as the manufacturers might think the word *impregnated* is, I was tickled.

And this, Would you expect anything less from these blokes? *guffaw*



the kind of mood we're in

The above picture is thanks to Rachel Follet of The Lovely Clusters and her moodboards. *sigh*


I want to show you what the soldiers in Afghanistan are eating. The interactive Flash webpage is here.

by Ashley Gilbertson of the New York Times

You’d have to click on each picture to see what’s inside:

Several wonderments came into my mind while viewing these.

  • How much more drab they must look to the soldiers when they are in the flattering lighting of their Afghani war bases.
  • The well known mini Tabasco bottle in the British kit – I know several people who’d buy those for their car, bag, cat etc.
  • How the soldiers choose these, or if they don’t at all. Either the lack of choice is comforting amidst the cacophony (or lack thereof) OR they’re all silently rebelling.
  • Being in the army does mean you’re rather well paid (at least in the States). That must help.
  • The Koreans have nice biscuits and (surpise) Kimchi.
  • The American lunch box is uber colourful.
  • I wonder how much food colouring, flavouring and preservatives are in those things.
  • I want one from each country. Morbid, much?


I leave you with a wunderbar video from Ken Turner. About a boy who wants to be Timothy Burton. I mean, I want to be Helena Bonham-Carter but that isn’t quite the same. Still.

Please, please click-through:

I’ve downloaded it and tried to upload. WordPress isn’t being agreeable.

I wonder how everyone else’s weekend has been.


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