After putting some of Origin’s Never a Dull Moment on my brother, he got up.

I said to him.

“Geez, dude you got to wait for awhile when you got a mask on. You cannot proceed to engage with the sink.”

And then I laughed at how Juno I sounded. But seriously, only Ellen Page could pull that off.

I still use the term Jeepers Creepers. It’s awesome. It works.

My brother is now using the Eucerin Gel Wash. But not before he opened the bathroom cupboard and asked me if he was supposed to use the feminine hygiene wash. *facepalm*

I’ve been wanting to start on a craft project. Which is why I  stole fished out my sister’s sewing machine. I show you fabrics that we found at the bottom of the cupboard, randomly.

The white will be the inner lining. It is a torn bedsheet. Will definitely have enough left to make short dress thing. I have never made clothes before.

The yellow – I will consider it vintage. It’s very pretty and girly, and not very me, but hey. It’s very 1980s. Iconic, no? And free of charge.



“I think this is the start of a beautiful friendship,” my brother says, as he washes the scrub off. Good taste runs in the genes.

I leave you with this amazing, amazing song that I found in its acoustic version via Rachel, whose blog and Etsy shop are both dreamy and intelligent.

And a thought :

If all scientists were scientist because they loved learning and sharing their knowledge, we’d not have several things of f*ckery around. Pharmaceutical industry hogging things. Trade secrets. FFS we have to focus on educating the scientists, instead of complaning about the delinquents.

My dad is watching Sex and the City now. I said it’s trash. He says, “I’ve never watched it before, so I’m watching it now!”



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